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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lottery win!

We were off to Brighton for a friends birthday last weekend. Saturday was fabulously sunny & we had a lovely time laying on the beach watching the waves & examining the rocks. We love rocks & can talk about them for hours. Why yes, we are that nerdy, thank you for asking.
The party was a fancy dress & we went along with the spirit of the event & dressed up in our finest fashions. We had a lovely time catching up with old friends & making new ones. A good time was had by all.
This is kind of what The Prince wore to the party. Cake at Chocky Wocky Doo Dah.
On the Sunday we had another lovely day, albeit colder, freezing our butts off sitting in beach chairs having fish & chips like proper Brits. The weekend was so very relaxing & it was wonderful to be beside the seaside. So much so that we ramped up our thinking about where to move. We need to make a decision soon if we are to move from London & we are very keen on the seaside. We really miss the sea.
So this week has seen us focusing our thinking on real estate & business opportunities. Oh yeah, ain't we been having fun? Stressful? You betcha!! I have been doing some therapeutic mending & button sewing in order to relax.
We are off for a walk in the beautiful afternoon sunshine & then I am going to finish my first ever bee blocks for Helen & try to work out what I am going to request as mine.
Oh and the lottery win?? Six pounds!!! Not going to buy us our luxury Georgian mansion by the sea, hell not even going to buy us both fish & chips by the sea :/ Oh well, keep buying tickets I suppose?
Still loving what we do.

Lush x

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