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Friday, September 07, 2012

Paralympics, round 2

Our first game tickets were for a morning wheelchair basketball session with a park ticket to boot. This meant that we had a guaranteed seat in the basketball for the day & then we could go into a venue if there were seats available. We did want to go watch the goal ball but the queue was ginormous!!
We decided to go back to the basketball & we were so lucky we did as we got to see the Aussie women's Gliders game & then the Aussie men's Rollers game! Basketball is one of the few sports I could sit & watch all day long.

 Our last day of viewing was the swimming on Friday night where we got to see several gold medals won & numerous world records broken. It was all very exciting, so much so I didn't even take many photos, these 2 were as we sat down. I have to say though we were so tired we left a little early. 
I did very well with the height thing all things considered. We were not right in the rafters but it was close!! I was fine so long as I told myself I was just watching a very, very, very big TV. Oh and so long as I did not look up!! LOL

 As a stroke of luck I may have a ticket to see the mens Gold Medal basketball match on Saturday night!!! Excited or what?? Will let you know.

On quilting news, I have managed to get the leaves reattached on 3 blocks & am intending to go out in the sunshine & sew another today.

Loving what I do.

Lush x


  1. That roof is so close, and the pool so far away!!!!! Glad you are enjoying seeing so much though.

    1. Yeah it's funny my vertigo was worse when I looked up at the roof. Go figure.

  2. Good grief you were high up! I don't think I'd be happy with that.
    I knew you'd like doing the flowers once you got going

    1. It was great to be there, such a roar from the crowd I think the vibrations must have made waves. Such a great time.


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