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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Luckily I managed to get back on deck just in time for us to attend the Opening of the Paralympics. Just as well or I would have been well gutted!! (To use the local vernacular LOL).

As we left our house we ran in to a large group of Australians who were heading to the same place. They were surprised to find fellow Aussies in the neighbourhood & it transpired that they were there to support their daughter & friend Ellie Cole, the Australian backstroker & relay swimmer.

Off we went to the stadium, loads of people but I always find that so long as everyone is moving in the same direction it seems that it moves really quickly. The volunteers were great, helpful & quick, just what you want. Not to many words but loads of photos.
Waiting for the kick off.
I am really not fond of this piece but it looks pretty lit up at night.
Brollys - how very Brit LOL
The Aussies enter the stadium.
The Prince - still working even on days off!!
The Brit team enter to stupendous applause. Great look on the wheel chairs.
The amazing volunteers who had to dance & keep up the energy the whole time the teams were entering. A. Very. Long. Time. Sorry for the bad shot.
Beginning of the show - I loved it!


Believe me, this is the flame but a very bad shot. Loved that it was lit by Margaret Maughan, the first person to win a Paralympic gold medal.
The Prince & I were blown away with the ceremony & thought it was better than that other one. We were incredibly touched that during the warm up they taught the audience to sign the term, I am what I am & I am . This means so much to us in regards other parts of our lives & it was terrific to see it used in the ceremony.

That's enough for now, more tomorrow.

Loving what I do.

Lush x

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