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Friday, September 14, 2012

Paralympics final round up

Back in January 2011 The Prince was asked to return to the UK to work for the Olympics & Paralympics. A huge job with loads of pressure, massive learning about media & very long days on the park during the games for around 8 weeks.

Taking this job meant we had to decide to move our little family to the other side of the planet.  I am so lucky to have the Prince in my life & I can honestly say I would not make this kind of move for just anyone but I jumped at the chance and it's one I don't think either of us have regretted for a moment. Don't get me wrong, we have had stress & pressure (and still do) but we have had each other to help us get through it all. I wouldn't have it any other way. Well maybe less stress & pressure??

I was extremely fortunate to get a ticket to see the medal games for the Men's basketball. Lovely sunny day, great seats & Aussies up for the gold. Who could ask for anything more?? Well I would have loved The Prince to be with me but that was not to be. So I had to enjoy it for both of us.

So Excited!!!

The foyer of the O2 Arena

Such an awesome game! The Canadians were well up for it.

The Aussies fought hard

Well earned Silver medal
Job Done!!
 Thanks my Darling Prince. For so much.

Loving what I do & especially with whom it is done.

Lush x


  1. What a lovely peek into the paralympics. You must be really proud of The Prince for all he accomplished. I am sure he was able to be as successful since your family was able to come along.

    1. Hi Amy, we have truly enjoyed the experience. You can imagine how stressful it is to move across the planet but we have done it together & that has made it easier. The Prince always says it could not have been done alone & has really appreciated having me at home handing over cups of tea & running hot baths. The pussy cats & the Princess have always been there for stress relieving pats & snuggles.
      Thank you for your comment & welcome to my blog. Lush

  2. Lovely post! So what next? Will you stay in England or move for the next job?

    1. Hello Dianne, we will definitely be staying in the UK. We are just looking around to decide what is next job wise for The Prince. Fingers crossed we find something satisfying.


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