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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ally Pally Show

That's Alexandra Palace for the uninitiated (like me) a charming historic venue in North London which was the home of the recent Knitting & Stitching Show.
Huge venue, great exhibits & a lovely french woman name Marielle who taught me how to "frog" stitch. Very important in my current knitting world. That's reverse knitting.

Loving the badger in this shot & the handle of the bag is an antler! Must get me one of them.

Knitted lamp shade

Lovely knitted upholstery - detail below

This is the stump of a palm in the Palm Court - how they stay up I have no idea??

Completely hollow

Lovely deco panels in the train station

2 of my favourite things - skulls & licorice YUM!
I have finished the alpaca cowl for myself & am nearly there with the alpaca scarf for the Prince. I may yet still undo the cowl & do it again - can't decide????
Pictures later.

Lush x

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