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Friday, October 14, 2011

A walk in the park

At the end of our street we are blessed with Westham Park. A 77 acre farm gifted to the City of London in 1874 with wonderful facilities of football pitches, kids play area, bandstand, tennis courts & 7 acres of ornamental gardens. We love the space but never more so now we have Princess Daisy to take for a turn. She is much more lively than she has been in recent months & loves going to the park, though if the Prince has her lead, shes does not like me to be too far behind& has been known to try to sit down. She is NOT letting me out of her sight again!!
The kids arrived from Oz in late September & we were soooo pleased to see them & they us. They were even pleased to see each other!! & spend lots of time playing musical beds & laps.

We really missed the babies & by their response to us, the feeling was mutual. Once the jet lag wore off they have all had great fun discovering the house & back yard. The cats love running up & down the stairs, Daisy not so much. The cats have never been under an open sky & this took some time to feel ok. Flynn was caught in a sprinkle today & I have never seen her move so fast!

Princess Daisy & Diego sharing some lap time

One of the many squirrels in the park

Princess Daisy's first walk in the big park! Loving it!

Investigating the ornamental gardens up close

This fungus is around 50cm across - an old stump rotting back to nature
Some of our gleaning - don't worry lot's left for the little guys
 We are amazed that we seem to be the only ones interested in the numerous chestnuts gracing the ground. Well us & the squirrels!! Thousands litter the ground all for the taking. They are yum!!

I think it's Daisy's turn Diego

So does she

Here is Daisy waiting for her first bus in her new carrier bag come bed
 While Daisy was waiting to come to Engrand she got to stay at Uncle Daddy Tom's fat camp. She had a lovely time going everywhere with him & we are so grateful of the care he showered on our Princess. I may have to book into the camp myself!!! She is a much livelier dog now she has lost weight. She loves going to the park with me each day & on Sunday we rented a car so she got to go on the bus on the way to pick up the car!! It is great here, pets on leashes can go on trains & buses with no problem. In honour of this I bought her a new carry bag that doubles as a bed. She loves it!! So do the cats LOL
We rented the car so we could go for a drive around the near suburbs. What a nightmare the traffic was!! Sunday horrors!! But we did get to see some lovely real estate & cross a few suburbs off our search list. So all good really. The Prince was a champion with the driving, it was so stressful I have declared we are never doing that again!! LOL

You call THIS sunshine!! Meh!! I'll have a cider thanks Mama.

Turn and turn about LOL

So Uncle Daddy Tom, I hope this puts your mind at ease that she is being taken care of!! We missed her & the pussies so much!!! We are thrilled they are back with us & they seem to be enjoying the weak Engrand sunshine. They have a little visitor in Basement Cat who is very sweet but they also have had a visit from another more scary pussy who is not popular at all. The badgers have not been seen lately so no mixing yet.

Oh well of to do some more knitting on my Darling's scarf! Photos of making stuff later.

Do what you love!


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