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Monday, October 10, 2011

Potugal - Beware there are lots of pictures :)

The August Bank Holiday weekend saw The Prince & I off having a lovely time in Portugal soaking up the sun. We booked in for a last minute mystery 5 star weekend & ended up at a golf resort in Cascais. Pronounced Cashcash!!

Main beach in Cascais

View towards Lisbon

Cafe where we had our first Portuguese meal & sangria - YUM

The Prince at work on a sketch

Kid at a candy store - well model toys

Old abandoned building - love the tiles

Here we are at the Western most edge of Europe!

Sintra Castle - odd & grotesque

Tiles EVERYwhere!

The guards walk - goes all around the Castle edge

View from the top of Lisbon

Tiles EVERYWHERE!! Love them.

We came home with a small haul of things we loved - a 300 year old tile, a modern tile with a swallow that reminds us of sitting on the balcony watching the swallows swooping around munching on bugs, and lots of Portuguese cockerels!!

We had a really relaxing time, massages at the resort, a day by the pool, swimming every day, sangria by the jug, a bit of playing tourist & a little shopping. Great food & such lovely people. Perfect!
I could get used to holidaying there :)

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