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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Off to Eden - which amazingly is located in Cornwall

The Prince had to go off to Plymouth to give a presentation to a group of teachers so we decided to make a weekend of it & I joined in the fun on Friday.

We went to dinner together which was lovely (well except for the plastic bag remnants in my pate!!) & then had a walk along the headland in the bracing sea breeze.

Saturday saw us renting a car & driving off to find Eden, well the Eden Project at least. I think I did very well on the driving front & did not need to use the useless GPS thingy. Thank goodness for the excellent signage here in the UK.

Full size sculpture made from driftwood at the entrance
 The Eden Project is housed in a disused clay mine & you can see the marvelous job they have done in renewing the landscape. This has been done in only 10 years & is a real credit to them.

This is a great section where they show the plant & the herbal remedy

We were very lucky that we were there at the same time as half term holiday which meant they had some additional exhibitions - OWLS!!! Oh my I want one!!! Or lots!!

Got to pat this one & had to be restrained from taking her home!!

This little guy was just as interested in us as we were of him.

These are the Biomes - super view of the future??

Really love these plants but no idea what they are?? Claire???

We had dinner with the Lovely Laura on Saturday evening & what fun she was. We wandered back from the restaurant to her flat & our hotel which by absolute chance backed onto each other! Our window literally looked out onto her doorstep. What a fluke!

Sunday saw us having coffee on the seafront in a bracing force ten gale & laughing at the determination of the Brits to enjoy the sea no matter the weather. Some blokes took it too overachiever status by wearing shorts.
The Prince & I followed this lovely session with a walk around the headland & some wandering around the Barbican area. Lots of lovely little shops & amazing original architecture & laneways. These murals are by a renowned local artist.

The countryside of Cornwall & Devon are just lovely! We could see ourselves there at some stage. Back to the real world.

Lush x

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