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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Princess Daisy reporting on Engrand

Hello Subjects, Minions, Worshippers,

I am just reporting in on my views of The Old Dart. So far I have been ecxstatic at being reunited with the Mama & The Prince, oh and ok the other furry things are great too. I am not too sure about the weather here though. Mama loves it although she is admitting that today the rain is just mocking her (it keeps starting just as she gets the washing hung up & stops as soon as she removes it). I just want it to be a bit stronger. As you can see I am not impressed with this weak stuff.

This is Diego & me sharing the Mama (she has no idea how to turn da photo so just turn your pooter kai??

OMG!! I have just discovered the heating things & have discovered the one that I can lean on while on the bed in Mama's sewing room!! Motherload!!! See you all later, you know where you can find me.

Don't forget to curtsy to me!!

Princess Daisy x

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