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Sunday, May 06, 2012

And the Universe provides.

I have undertaken several machine quilting courses over the last decade (4 that I can remember!!) and still consider that I have not "got it". So it was fortunate that when I was at my quilt group the other evening, one of the women received a text advising that 3 people had dropped out of a machine quilting course for the next day. When asked if I would like to fill a spot I was hesitant at first (for several reasons) but decided that if nothing else I would have a nice drive in the country & get to know some of my fellow quilters better.
Off we went to Hertfordshire. Beautiful English countryside just like I have seen on telly! Have I mentioned how much I love this country?? It is truly beautiful. Saw my first thatched cottages "in the wild"!!
Anyhoo I had no real knowledge of the presenter, I had heard of her but could not place her name or her work but that soon changed when I saw her quilts. Have a look at her website Phillipa Naylor
To say I was gobsmacked by her work is a total understatement!!

I was worried that this would be another exercise in machine quilting futility. An expert & talented quilter trying to teach me to have the talent that so clearly comes as second nature to her, however I could not have been further from the truth. I got amazing results from her instructions with the key point I came away with being to SLOW DOWN!! & when you feel you are in a corner & no idea where to go - STOP!! Incredible!!
I have always been told to go hell for leather & just move the fabric faster. Well let me tell you that if you make the machine go at speed & slowly move the fabric you get much more control & better stitches. I am very excited by the prospect of being able to extend my quilting beyond straight lines.

Much thanks to Janice for the invite & doing the driving & especially to Stephanie for letting me use her spare machine when mine was experiencing severe technical difficulties. I have to say if Gretchen does not get it together it could be a fate worse than Ebay for her & I may convert to Bernina!! Another woman had the same machine as me & I was somewhat relieved to hear that she has had similar problems. At least this means it is not user error, cold comfort when you consider the money I have outlaid to get this machine.

On the home front there has been more skip retrieval for garden beds - literally in this case. This is a child size bed 170 cms long by 90 cms wide. Makes a perfect size for the front part of our home, we needed to cobble together a bit of timber for one side & the base but this does not show much & the growing plants will conceal it completely. Gives us another 2 square metres of growing space. We intend to put more greens like kale, chard, peas etc. At present this is just a rhubarb plant but loads more to come soon.

Still loving what I do.

Lush x


  1. Wow! that's some seriously amazing machine quilting - lucky you for getting to go to the course!!!

  2. She was a wonderful teacher, very generous with her knowledge, gave you loads of options & was really funny.
    I loved it that she said there were many ways to achieve the results. When I was first taught to piece & quilt we were told in no uncertain terms "this is the only way to do this, anything else is wrong"!
    It is interesting that these same people are still teaching this way & cannot abide the "modern" movement. Just shows how insecure they are really.
    will be lovely to meet you in person.

  3. If you don't pick the first potato on each plant (lowest in the bed normally, the one at the furthest end of the roots) you can keep just harvesting what you need as you need it.

    1. Cool! We will def need to do that.


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