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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The postman had a bit of difficulty stuffing the post through the door today. Can I just say, post direct into the house?? Awesome!! No more snail nibbled bills & letters. The little glue freaks!!
And this is why.

Whoo hoo!!! Many thanks again to Lisa over at Little Fish Studios  for the giveaway. I just have to decide now where to start. Maybe a pirate eye patch? Maybe a moustache for the Prince? Or a crown for my birthday?? LOL. I am again kicking myself for leaving most of my stash behind in storage. I will have to replace threads as well as start a felt stash. Oh well off to shop. LOL.

I have booked my ticket for the Fat Quarterly Retreat, now to wonder what to take with me. Must make sure that Gretchen is in tip top form or find a way to get a replacement :/

Still loving what I do.

PS: I now have 4 followers!! Whoo hoo!! Welcome Sue Marie. I really only started this blog for my own record but I must say it is a total bonus meeting people & getting comments.

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