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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lulled into a false sense of security

Don't panic, nothing dangerous. First Lull. It has been a lovely warm, sunny Spring day today but the blue skies are not set to last as rain is predicted until Saturday.

The other half of the grafted fruit tree - we think this could be apples but no idea till it fruits??

The Bramley apple
See all that lovely blue sky, it is just mocking me. I am sure as soon as I put out the washing it will rain. LOL

Look at those potatos grow!! (green stuff at bottom of pic) The Prince is convinced we will have hundreds of potatos. I am wondering where we will store them??

Our herb wall

Broad beans & rosemary
You can just see in the middle of the picture a helicopter, supposedly there for our protection during the Olympics. too soon I say.
2nd Lull. We have been getting helicopters hovering for weeks now. I find that once I hear the noise I can't shut it out! I have been getting into having music playing all day which is helping a little.

Here are some photos of my machine quilting sampler from last Friday. It is a beginning. Now if I could just get Gretchen to cooperate :/
Not bad for a start.

Gretchen's efforts - see my problem?? Grrr!!

My third "lull" today is the boiler. It is steadfastly displaying a temp of 14 to 17 degrees but do you think that translates to actual hot water from the tap?? Not on your Nelly!!! I think it is time for the service call. Again. Actually for the 3rd time.

I am still thinking if I should go to the Fat Quarterly retreat. Anyone else going? Will it be good??
I would love to learn how to do a frame purse & also the zip pouch could come in handy but I am still not sure. Gee it is annoying being shy & all the other things that stop me doing things. Le sigh!

Still doing what I love.
Lush x

PS: Just saw that this is my 50th post!! Whoo hoo!!


  1. Hello Lush - the answer is YES you should come to FQ retreat - I'm going and don't know anyone other than my blogging friends - but in my experience quilters are always such a friendly bunch. I'll look after you!!

    1. OK cool, I will book today. Hope they still have room.


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