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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


*Warning - loads of photos*

I had a rather large birthday celebration on the weekend & after a delicious breakfast in our garden at home and a bit of present opening, the Prince whisked me into the City for a pampering weekend.

I wish you could smell these - so delicate & rosy.

 Shhh!! Don't tell the aphids but our roses are doing really well this year. They smell glorious!


We love foxes!!

Fantastic book on the lost buildings of London. Lost due to redevelopment or the bombings of WW2.
We had booked in for a 2 hour chocolate massage each & I have to say it was a bit mucky but my skin has never felt better! First we were exfoliated then cleansed, then on with the chocolate moisturising cream, wrapped in a space blanket & towels & left to soak & relax for a while. A cleansing shower then back on the table for a really long massage. Ah bliss!!
However I must tell the story of the words you never want to hear on a massage table. Bear in mind that the Prince & I were in the same room with a therapist each. At the same time as my therapist pulled the towel down & bared my bottom, the Prince's therapist woke him with "Hello".
I made the panic face!! until I realised that the 2 actions were not connected!! When I appraised the Prince of the story we laughed so hard we nearly peed!!!

Being the massive carnivore that I am & being that I am allergic to vegetables (yes really!! believe me it is not fun!!) the Prince booked us into Hawksmoor at Seven Dials for dinner on Friday night. OMG!!! Yummm! Highlights of the meal were a perfectly cooked free range grass fed steak, a scrummy marmalade cocktail, Ed's champagne jelly dessert & the honeycomb from my dessert. The waiter caught on to it being my birthday & they bought my dessert out like this - how cute.

On the Saturday we had a lovely relaxing day, breakfast in the dining room, lolling around the hotel, a bit of swimming in the pool, a soak in the jacuzzi (best jacuzzi ever! very hot) a movie in our room then off to Chinatown for dinner.

Getting into the Jubilee spirit China style.

This is the view of St Paul's from the front of our hotel.
I had a wonderful weekend in the company of My Prince. Thank you Darling.
Doing what I love with my love.

Lush xox


  1. Happy Birthday - you should have said - we could at least have sung!!!
    I'm beginning to think that you just lead a life of unadulterated self-indulgence!! No, seriously, LOVED meeting you at FQ - such fun - will keep in touch and see you next year!!

    1. Thank you. LOL I am a bit shy & embarrassed around birthdays.
      Oh if only I could afford a life of total self indulgence! No, I don't think I would care for that. What would I worry about?? LOL Mind you I do love most of my life & look for the good in everything - call me Pollyanna :)
      Was terrific to meet you too, will certainly keep in touch & I am definitely going next year. I won't be so nervous then (I hope).
      Have a great weekend x

  2. Hi Lush, your roses look wonderful, i really wish i could smell them!! They are very hard to grow for more than one year in a pot so i am not doing that anymore on my terrasse..

    But first things first: Happy Birthday to you!!! Helen ist right, we should and could have sung for you, aaw!

    I am glad you had such a great time in the City though.

    It was absolutely lovely to meet you at retreat, be sure we´ll meet again.. :-)

    Take care and see you online until next time,

    1. Hello Claudia!! So glad to hear you arrived home safely.
      Yes we have been so lucky with the roses, none of our making but we enjoy them anyway.
      Thank you, I had a lovely birthday weekend, could do the massage every weekend.
      It was terrific to meet you as well & I hope we can keep in touch. Let me know if you are coming to London before next years retreat.
      I am yet to do a post re the retreat but will get there soon. I can be a bit slow on posting especially if life is busy. I went to a sewing machine course yesterday so still more to post.
      Have a great week,
      Lush x


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