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Thursday, May 24, 2012


So I am all over the place today.
The cleaner came by & made with the dyson to get this place in order - gotta love that.
I managed to tame the beast that was the ironing pile. Funny I could iron shirts all day but I HATE ironing pants - weird huh??
With the beautiful sunshine & not so fantastic hot weather I am making great progress with the washing & should be done by later.
I am planning to meet the Prince later for dinner at a great gluten free pizza joint over at Shoreditch.
My Darling Prince is whisking me off to a city hotel tomorrow to celebrate my birthday.

All good things.

Here's my dilemma.

I feel like I need a new outfit for such a grand occasion.
And a manicure.
And a pedicure.
And a new nighty. 
I feel too fat to go clothes shopping. I am, it's OK, I can admit it.
I feel like it is a waste of money to buy new clothes I don't really NEED.
I will only get the washing completed if I stay home :/ I need some of the stuff that's in the washing for the weekend.
Does anyone else have a machine that takes 2 and a half HOURS to wash a load??? Mind boggling!!
I have a cracking headache. Again. & would rather stay home.

I am really feeling the urge to sew. I have a bunch of fabric I would love to chop into & make a new top. I just cannot decide how. I can see flying geese & stars but that's as far as I get. LOL
I really should be doing what is on the "to be done" list first.

And what am I doing?? Lolling on the couch doing a blog entry!! & feeling like a dog chasing it's tail!! When I get this way (which seems to be too often lately) I can end up in a foetal position rocking LOL.

Blah!!!! Off to try to achieve SOMETHING!!!

Not such a great day today but still loving being here better than the alternative & know that this too shall pass. It almost always does.

Lush xox

Oh and a picture of what my brain feels like?? Mmmmmm

Here is  a better picture. My President Quilt made for me by my Committee. Love this quilt & can't wait for it to be out of storage & back on a wall.


  1. mmm stars and flying favourite...go for it girl!!

  2. I am off to a "Get to Know Your machine" day tomorrow. I hope she can give me some help with my machine so I can get back to the habit of daily sewing.
    Then look out fabric!!! LOL


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