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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wow, so excited!!!

Yesterday was a day of emotional ups & downs. Some good, some not so good but I am trying to focus only on the good.
Call me Pollyanna.
I have been reading Lisa at Lil Fish Studios blog for some years now & I love the things she makes. She does a lot of home dying from the plants, bark & even weeds from her property & the forest that surround her. She also makes fantastic items from the timber that falls in the forest. Check her birch bark canoes or her fabulous hand carved spoon!! Not to mention her needle felted scenes - lovely!
And the good here for me?? Lisa recently had a giveaway of the book Heart-Felt Holidays & I WON!!!
Huzzah!! Thank you so much Lisa & Lark publishing. It definitely gave my day a much needed feel good focus.
On the sewing front I have had a long overdue finish. So long I can't even remember what year this was started in??? Only know that the shop that I did the workshop with has moved from the old premises & has been in their new spot for YEARS! LOL
Anyhoo, a finish is a finish. Well the top is finished, it still needs quilting.

The Prince as easel
As to the designer etc, these details have been long lost in the mists of time. This is a bias bound stained glass technique that really with a gun to my head I don't think I could remember how to start.
Those mitred corners were a first for me & they were a cow!! I only realised afterwards how I could have done a bit more tinkering & matched up the corners better & had a more continuous look.
Are they perfect? no! Do I care? no! Done is good.
Will I ever do them again? Maybe. Just not this week.
Now to try to work out how to quilt this. I am not very experienced in the quilting side of things. I was thinking sort of in the ditch & echo around the flowers, then maybe try to follow the shapes in the border. Any suggestions?
Doing what I love & loving the interwebs.

Lush xox

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